Eric Brouman, an award winning magician and comedian, will turn your guests into celebrities right before their eyes. Imagine a corporate CEO transformed into Elvis, a secretary becomes Aretha Franklin, the Vice President becomes Michael Jackson, and an office assistant becomes Madonna or Shania Twain. Eric has toured the country performing his unique brand of comedy magic for national television, cruise ships, theaters, theme parks and colleges, as well as for fortune 500 companies. Eric's show is a concert headliner by itself and has worked with such notables as Jerry Seinfeld, Gloria Estefan, Barry Manilow, Ben Vereen and Debbie Gibson. NBC Television described Eric's performance as "a true original, immensely entertaining", while The Hollywood Reporter said "brilliant, hilarious an absolute knock out".

Eric's performances are fresh, exciting and on the cutting edge of creative entertainment, involving improvisation and hilarious interactive audience participation. Brouman has a down-to-earth style and easy manner that results in a quick rapport with his audience. Brouman has brought his brand of comedy magic to a long list of corporate clients that runs the gamut from A (Anheuser-Busch) to X (Xerox). He's currently working on Y and Z! It's no wonder Eric is one of the most sought-after entertainers for major corporations such as Disney, Ford Motor Company, Phillip Morris, Microsoft, Sony Music, American Greetings and IBM.

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Always inventive, and often outrageous, Eric combines his extraordinary skills as a magician with original, customized comedy that keeps him busy performing more than 300 shows each year. His fresh style incorporating magic, comedy and music has earned him prestigious awards in creativity and showmanship.

"Besides being a truly terrific entertainer, Brouman is unpredictable, witty and very smart," says Anne Gordon, Editor of The Plain Dealer's Sunday Magazine. "His humor is always based on honesty. He's edgy, but never mean-spirited. And Eric's incredibly fast on his feet, so his show will always be full of surprises."

Eric volunteers his time to "Project Magic", a nationwide hospital program that helps patients regain their dexterity through slight of hand magic. Who says magicians never reveal their secrets?

Discover the magic of this award-winning entertainer. Eric Brouman is a master at making your next event an unforgettable experience!